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Ace Roofing, Inc. is a top local roofing contractor based out of Lafayette. Aside from our skilled handiwork, it's also about the high-quality products we work with - like Johns Manville.

Manufactured in their facility in Scottsboro, Alabama, a Johns Manville TPO roofing system gives you the option of a reliable, cost-effective roofing solution. The membranes are reinforced with a polyester fabric and manufactured using an ultraviolet-resistant thermoplastic polyolefin formulation.

TPO roofing comes in several thicknesses and has been designed for ease in installation. And for your convenience, systems can be installed fully adhered or mechanically fastened.

They also offer a complete line of accessories, sealants, and adhesives to help ensure a waterproof installation. While working with Johns Manville as a contractor, we're able to fix your current commercial roof and install a new John Manville roof.

Advantages of JM's TPO Commercial Roofing Material

JM's TPO roofing materials are formulated using the best available technology and designed for long-term roof performance in all conditions. We reinforced our TPO membrane with polyester fabric to provide excellent wind uplift resistance, puncture resistance, and finished physical properties.

Our TPO formulation was developed to allow for extreme pliability, flexibility, and weldability during installation. Along with such installation advantages, our TPO's state-of-the-art formulation helps our product to resist extreme weather conditions, including ultraviolet radiation and high surface temperatures.

Is TPO Roofing Right for You?

With so many possible options for roofing materials, how can you choose the right one? TPO is an excellent choice, and here are some of the reasons it's so popular with consumers:

  • Versatility - Works with different types of buildings, including homes and commercial facilities.
  • Economical - It's cost-effective for installing and maintaining, especially compared to some alternatives.
  • Energy-Efficient - This means your household or business is greener, while you save money on your monthly utility bills.
  • Durable - Obviously, one of the most essential traits of a good roofing system is that it's sturdy and ready to hold up against the elements.
  • Installation Ease - Even though professional roofers must install your roofing system, you can feel good knowing it's not a difficult task, which also means fewer labor costs.

As with any type of roofing system, the quality of the materials and handiwork must both be topnotch for the outcome to be superior. Call the Ace Roofing, Inc. team to find out more about how TPO Johns Manville roofing can benefit your Lafayette home or commercial facility.

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